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Our Syrup

Our syrup is made from one ingredient: 100% pure Bigleaf Maple sap, harvested in Northwest Oregon from native forests and boiled on our wood-fired Vermont evaporator to concentrate the trees' natural sugars. We bottle our syrup* in small batches throughout the winter and share it with our visitors and volunteers. Tasters describe Bigleaf syrup as rich and complex, providing a bright succession of flavors, including caramel, butter, moss, toffee, and sweet potato. Please view our visit tab to learn how to get involved with the Oregon Maple Project so that you too can have a taste! 

*While we filter all sap and syrup multiple times throughout the sugaring process, earth minerals called niter or sugar sand naturally precipitate out of the finished product and layer the bottom of the bottle. Sugar sand is neither harmful nor pleasant to eat, so it is best to let it settle rather than mixing it back into the syrup. Please keep your bottle of Bigleaf refrigerated.

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