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Sugaring Workshops

Are you interested in learning the art of Bigleaf Maple Sugaring? Would you like to try your hand at maple syrup production in your own backyard? The Oregon Maple Project offers seasonal workshops to introduce community members to the history, science, and best practices of Pacific Northwest maple sugaring. Invite your family, friends, and neighbors to join us! Learn how to tap your own maple trees and transform sap to syrup. We will be hosting monthly workshops throughout the 2024/25 sugaring season. Registration will begin in September. 


Participants in our workshops will tour the Oregon Maple Project sugaring operation at Camp Colton, taste Bigleaf Maple syrup, and assist with sap collection and other tasks on the maple farm, gaining hands-on experience in sugaring. We will spend all of our time outdoors on trails, no matter the weather, so participants are asked to come prepared with proper footwear and clothing. We welcome participants of all ages, though we ask that you please leave pets at home.

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